Focused Intention Meditation


Focused Intentions is a guided mindful meditation focusing on replacing stress with inner peace – balance your emotions through this visual journey of peace, connectedness, and forgiveness.


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Focused Intention helps Annemarie strengthen her mental discipline to race the world’s toughest endurance sport – Ironman; a triathlon where athletes have 17 hours to swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles, and run 26.2 miles.

At first Annemarie deeply needed mental discipline because she didn’t like to run 1-mile, and she couldn’t imagine where she’d find the mental strength to race 140.6 miles.  Plus Annemarie craved for peace of mind from surviving a few traumatic events that sucked up her confidence, and left self-doubt, fear in its wake.

With the help of Clinical Psychologist Dr. M. Woodruff Johnson, who created Focused Intensions (originally called Happy Annemarie), this mindful meditation helps Annemarie focus, develop mental discipline, race Ironman, and thrive in life.

About Dr. M. Woodruff Johnson

Dr. M. Woodruff JohnsonDr. M. Woodruff Johnson is the former Executive Director of the Kaiser Permanente Watts Counseling and Learning Center. Currently, he is President of Peak Performance 2000, Center for Human Potential, an organizational and personal development company.

Dr. Johnson’s doctorate is in Clinical Psychology and he holds two additional master degrees. He was also awarded a Coro Foundation Fellowship in Public Affairs and a Eureka Communities Fellowship. He holds certificates in Accelerated Learning, Neurosensory Development and hypnotherapy, among others.

He has a passion for helping others to achieve their goals and get the results in life that they desire. He has provided clinical staff services in hospitals and community clinics as well. Dr. Johnson has been using mind/body healing techniques both professionally and personally with much success for many years.



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