Passion for coffee

Earlier this week I had drinks with a friend and fellow KNAC alumni, Kevin.  He just launched Circle of Coffee, a coffee blog, and wanted to talk about the process.

I  don’t know the first thing about this grind.  In fact, I’ve never had a cup of coffee.  Jasmine Green tea, that’s for me.  Still we meet at Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa. It’s one of his favorite hang outs, and instantly I fell in love with the vibe.  Feeling adventurous, I drank an iced mocha.  Again I fell in love, hooked, and now can’t wait for my second glass of liquid ice cream.

While sitting around a very cool fire pit, Kevin shared an admission;  he’s an analog thinker.  He’s uncomfortable with Twitter, and blogging is an overwhelming commitment.   I related to all that because expressing opinions feels vulnerable.  It’s  out of my comfort zone  Mix that with trying to keep up with social media and, well, at times I want to let it all go.

Then Kevin talked about coffee, and talk about a transformation.  Fear was gone.  He became animated, and he wouldn’t shut up about french roast, coffee percolators, and grinding beans.  Good Lord the way he talked about coffee I thought he transformed into Bubba, from Forrest Gump, talking about shrimp.

I simply smiled and enjoyed his transformation for I instinctively  knew he would be fine.  Why?  Because Kevin has passion for his project, and passion is a critical element of success.

Brew on Kevin and congratulations.  You jumped in, and  soon you’ll be hotter than a hot cup of Joe.  Enjoy the ride.