Pascal Finette – The Heretic

You have this one lifetime to achieve happiness. You’re a fool if you don’t go for it! ~ Pascal Finette

Truth be told, I’m not sure Pascal authored the above quote, but since he sent it to me I’ll give him credit.

In October 2012 I met Pascal at the TEDxOC event.  Afterwards we shared a dinner table and compared notes about giving a TED Talk and endurance sports – he’s a crazy 50+ mile ultra-marathoner.

Pascal is also a business coach who helps entrepreneurs, and I love reading  The Heretic , his straight talk, no bull shit, keep me focused newsletter (subscribe if you can).

Clearly, Pascal knows how to engage and embrace life.  During his TED Talk, The Participation Culture,  he shared ideas on how to participate in life.  Those who do change the world by coming together for the greater good of mankind.  Try to embrace these four principals for they provide a good base.

  1. Make something superior than the status quo
  2. Empower people
  3. Allow people to participate
  4. Treat people as a community

Pascal also talked of the need to “Let go of something to make room for something else.”  That resonated with me for as a child some French relatives had a  similar saying.  Pascal’s reference is a good example for not letting your life be ruled by things, people, events.  In essence, by letting go you are more free to participate in life, and that (I believe) cultivates happiness.  Thanks Pascal.

Smile on.