The perfect dessert: Shaved chocolate a l’Orange

Oranges and chocolateCan you believe  how quickly the Christmas holiday flew by?   Thankfully I have one more party before 2014 comes to a close, and it is happening tonight with my tri club, Nopal Velo.

It will be a perfect time for everyone to catch up and compare 2015 training/racing goals.  Plus, we can hang out without sweating it out.  Nice!!!

This group is so inspirational.  It is packed with a few Ironman studs and warrior princess’, and everyone encourages all to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle.

Thinking about seeing everyone reminds me to shift my mindset away from holiday sweets, and re-devote my body to a positive lifestyle.  At times it is not an easy commitment.

Take for instance … desserts.  If you are like me and want one that tastes sweet while positively fueling the body, let me share this yummy treat.  It is sweet AND gives me a guilt free reason to eat more – I like to call it “Shaved chocolate a la orange” – Healthy.  Refreshing.  Plus, easy to make.

Simply peel an orange and place pieces in a bowl.  Make sure to squeeze a few pieces to coat the bottom of the bowl with juice.  Then shred good quality dark chocolate on top.

If you are not sure which chocolate to use, consider one of these 19 sustainable chocolatiers.