Chocolate + Math = an Idea Worth Spreading

Is math boring? Many kids think so.
Mind Research Institute Unless they’ve taken Nigel Nisbet’s math class where he used chocolate to get kids thinking.  Nigel then applied his teaching concept to visual math games with a penguin named Jiji.

During TEDxOC event I met Nigel, the Director of Content Creation for Mind Research Institute.  Nigel shared how these groundbreaking math games bring today’s classroom into the 21st century, because teaching methods have not changed for the past 100 years, and it shows.

To engage kids and to level the playing field, the visual math games and puzzles include aliens, rockets and Jiji.  And it’s working … 500,000 students in some of the toughest school districts throughout the country have transformed their math success.

Think about it … everything around us uses science, technology, engineering and math.  And the kids who can speak that language are going to define the 21st century.