Murky water

This evening I did my first open swim in nearly 10 years. Yep, it’s just a unnerving as I remember it to be.
Considering all, today’s swim was easy; only four other swimmers in a beach with 150-yards of a roped off space. No waves. Warm water. Yes, you can call me a wimp now.

Here’s the unnerving part. Water visibility is nil. Murky water makes it difficult to see beyond my hands. With all the water movement, it’s difficult to swim in a straight line. Yes, I know there are no sharks in a lake … buuUUTTT, there’s still other living things in that water that touch me and make me want to run off screaming. Good Lord, it took me nearly 30 minutes just to calm my nerves. Yes, you can call me a wimp now.

Just imagine what it’ll be like with 2,000 other people in the water.
It just hit me that the mind game is playing, & I’m being played.
Yep, I better get back in the water tomorrow.