Little challenges – rain, flats and ants

The plan is to ride 5 /12 hours today, and to leave @ 6:30.
Got up @ 5 to eat and discovered it’s raining. Drag.
Not the best conditions, but I’d rather ride in the rain than the heat, so I’ll deal with it.

By 7 I’m running late; not really looking forward to a wet ride. Grab the bike and discover the rear tire is flat. Great. It’s been years since I’ve changed the tire (wishing someone else could do it for me), but then I get excited to tackle this challenge. It takes 30 minutes – sad but true.

Ready to go only to discover ants are attacking my front tire … what the @#%! Follow the trail to my food pack. Yes, there are thousands of them. The blanket of ants is so thick that I can’t even see my food. Great God please give me patience.

To wash them off, I brought the bike in the rain, opened the packet, with my right hand I reached in, grabbed the food, and hurled it down the hill. Instantly pain shots from my shoulder to my hand. (Shoulder tendon got re-aggravated after lifting weights on Monday) Shit!!!

Should I ride today — YES.
It’s now 7:50. My nerves are calm, shoulder is relaxed, and I’m ready to go.
Rain, a flat, and ants aren’t going to keep me from a fun ride.
Enjoy the day!