Lessons Learned From Eating Vegan

Recently a federal panel that helps set federal dietary guidelines said, Eating vegan is good for the planet.  That might be true.  But it’s also true that eating vegan 100% of the time is not good for me.  I tried that for Lent and was ecstatic when the season was done.

Vegan lifestyleOkay, yes there were a few benefits like reducing a craving for sweets and increasing a desire for greens.  But the first few weeks were tough because I had neither the lifestyle knowledge nor yummy recipes to feed me.  So I ate salads for a few weeks, and eating too much fiber caused my body to retaliated. Not fun.

Still, I want to embrace some elements of a vegan lifestyle, and I am inspired to make a few changes.

For starters I’m researching farms with grass-fed and stress free environments for their cows and poultry.   Eat Wild seems to be a good resource.  It provides  research-based information about eating on the wild side.  And I’ll ….

  1. Grow a garden of organic vegies.
  2. Purchase Rainforest Alliance or Fair Trade chocolate.
  3. Just as important, generate 20+ go-to recipes that embrace a healthy lifestyle.  Sadly I only have about five.

Always tri.  Never stop.