Know what you’re buying

About half way through Lent and clearly frustrated with taking on a vegan diet during this time.  Yet so relieved the 5-day stomach virus is over.  Who knew a stomach could hold so much shit.

On what may seem like an unrelated topic, yesterday I met with my financial planner who said, before you buy anything – a cell phone, homeowner’s insurance, a car or stocks – know what you’re buying.

When driving off I thought, that same logic applies to knowing what lifestyle you’re buying into – your neighborhood, your friends, your activities, your diet.

Why did I buy into a vegan lifestyle for Lent?  Did I know the eating options? No.  Did I have any tried and true, yummy recipes? No.  Did I know why people eat vegan? No.

I simply jumped in, and now I’m praying my body wont embarrass me during yoga class.  Can you imagine the horror of doing a down dog and a loud fart slips out?  Seriously.  It’s funny but not!

BRAT dietThankfully my Mom and sisters are nurses.  One told me to add the BRAT diet to the mix: banana, rice, applesauce and toast.  That was last night’s dinner and now feeling fabulous.

What’s vegan?

I don’t know all the elements of vegan, but this I now know.  A vegan diet is more than eating fresh vegies, fruit and salads.  So, am I going to give up?  No. But this weekend I’m spending some quality time researching and preparing a week’s worth of diversified, yummy meals mixed with pasta, rice, and maybe stuffed peppers.  Wish me luck.  Better yet, if you have any suggestions, please share.

Thrive.  One stroke, one pedal, one step at a time.