Kind Words

Spent some time in the lobby of a Marriott today.  While there I overheard a Supervisor speak to a co-worker.  It was a simple moment that didn’t last more an :30, but it was so sweet.

KindnessThe ladies were setting up for happy hour when the Supervisor told the co-worker what a great job she did setting up the salad bowls.

The Supervisor said the food was positioned nicely with complimenting food colors. She said people eat with their eyes and the bowls were positioned perfectly, easily to reach.

The co-worker appeared to love the compliment. She beamed a big smile and almost skipped while walking behind her Supervisor.

Later I told the Supervisor about overhearing their conversation and that I had to see the great layout.  She was right; the three salads were presented beautifully.  Then I mentioned how her kind comments seemed to make the co-worker so happy.  To my surprise the Supervisor said how happy she was with the co-worker who happened to be a new employee.  She said they really needed somebody for that position and she hoped the gal would not leave.

Hearing someone openly praise a co-worker was something I hadn’t heard in awhile.  Kind words.  They make a difference. Spread the good word.