Just tired

Can’t say the week was eventful or overly taxing, but the truth is — I’m tired, and my body is sore all over. So to ease the pain I’m drinking wine (first time in over a month). On my second glass of an Australian Cab and loving it.

Last Saturday, after having a professional bike fit, I discovered my bike is too big, and the best bike for me is a Cervelo Soloist 51cm. The bike was designed to be raced with and trained upon, and it can be used as a road or tri bike. Good news: I can use an older frame and build it to my specifications. Bad news: they’re expensive, and I have limited money.

So I’ve been searching for a used, older model, crash free Cervelo. Can’t find one, which leaves me with a bike that can’t be adjusted to my body. For example, my reach is over 3cm too long, and knowing that explains why I have so much shoulder/back pain. To solve some of the problems, I bought a new saddle and move my clip positions, which definitely gave me more power. Saturday brought some good head winds, but my new clip position helped me fly through it while keeping my legs relaxed. Great.

Still, I’ve been riding one position for nearly 10 years, and those minor adjustments caused my body to feel tweaked, specifically because of the saddle. My new one is harder & has a lip in the front causing me to be pushed back, which is how I like to ride — doesn’t that sound naughty ;). Okay, maybe the wine is kicking in. Anyway, here’s a bit more of TMI … the little hot mamma wasn’t ready to ride the new saddle a full 80 miles; that was the plan. Instead I only rode 32 miles, and to make up the distance, I did a brick workout and ran 7 miles after the ride.

Then today (like last Friday) I swam for an hour, very slowly, concentrating on each move to make sure my form was right and to strengthen my right shoulder.

Bottom line — I’m tired and sore. After Saturday’s brick workout I slept for nearly 2 hours, which was followed by 9 hours of sleep last night. Then today after the swim workout I slept again for an hour. Legs are feeling swollen. Back is tight. And tomorrow I got to do weight training for 90 minutes. When will the body adjust and the pain stop???

Here’s the map for the ride.