It’s Okay To Submit. Moments in the gym.

Made a mad dash to the L.A. Fitness on Valley View for a lunchtime workout. Walked in and instantly didn’t care for the equipment.  Looked like it came from 1979.  Still, they played good music. The staff was friendly. So I pushed aside any negative thoughts, submitted to the atmosphere, and enjoyed a solid 60 workout.

Back in the locker room, there was hardly a soul and plenty of space. I appreciated the simple luxury.  Then while disrobing a solid push hit me from behind.  WTF.  Turned to find a buck naked, obese 120-year old woman, drenched in what I hope was water, guided by a rolling walker. Ohhh.

Instantly any defenses started to drop. But then she gave another shove. Hey!  A third. What a minute!!!  Then, I spied with my little eye … vast amount of other space for her to roam, sit, dry off or simply relax.  She wanted my space.

So I asked, Am I in your way?
No reply.  Just a stink eye from the corner of her eye.
Okay then. I’ll just mozy along and park my stinky ass over there.

Sometimes, it’s okay to submit and move on.
Always tri.  Never stop.