It’s Okay To Fail

Having spent the last few months training for the 1/2 Ironman distance HITS Napa triathlon, I found the double-talk amazing.  Fear of failure mixed with wishing for a better life, i.e., be healthy, learn a language, travel abroad, strengthen family bonds.  One person actually said he did not want to try anything new unless there was a guaranteed win.

What does it mean to win?

This I know for certain.  Our life is lost when it is restricted to negative mental crap.  Why?  Because it keeps us in a fearful state of mind.  I get it.  Stepping out of our comfort zone is – well – uncomfortable.  Still …

It’s not okay to not try

We win when we honor our positive inner voice.  That inner voice that shares opportunities to thrive.  One lesson Ironman taught me was that only one person comes in first.  Everyone else finishes, and by finishing we all win.

Once we accept the journey, rewards outweigh fear and discomfort.  Take for instance Ironman training and racing.  It turned my body into an Ironman machine, helped me make new friends, develop a peaceful and powerful mindset, gain business, and strengthened my confidence.

What’s the take away?

Life is not about failure and winning.  It’s about embracing opportunities to grow and thrive.  So, next time opportunity knocks – jump in and focus on what you’ll learn and how the new insight will empower your life.

Always tri. Never stop.

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