Honoring the Military

Back in July, feeling a bit patriotic and wanting to honor my Dad and nephew for their military service, I created an emergency ID out of military dog tags. When doing so the store made two; one with my name spelled correctly and one with it misspelled.

Could I re-purpose a ruined military ID?

Iron Butterfly TagWell, I decorated it with blue crystals to symbolize water, gears to symbolize the bike, and red fingernail polish to symbolize the blood it takes to cross a triathlon finish line.

Then Gayla, owner of Tri-Zone in Los Alamitos, saw it and asked if I could make more. If so, she’d sell them at her store.   Heck yea!

Designing Military TagSince then I’ve experimented with designing these stainless steel tags – playing with different colors and types of glue and fabric. Countless hours were spent @ BuildIt Workspace learning about laser printing, 3D printing, scanning and cutting.

Finally, the designs are ready.
They are called IRON Butterfly™

To see them visit Tri-Zone or shop @ Etsy (TriIronButterfly).

10% of sales will be donated to disable veterans @ CAF.
The tags are made from U.S. steel and manufactured in the U.S.

Stay tuned for more designs, and if you have a great re-purpose product, please share.