Historic Moments

This historic week changed our United States.  The Supreme Court saved the Affordable Care Act.  They enabled marriage equality.  And the Confederate Flag is coming down.

I agree with all of the above, and I respect the opinions of those who don’t.  Free speech; that’s one of the amazingly graceful attributes  of our fabulous U.S.A.

With that said …
Yesterday evening, after a ride, a woman approached.  She wanted to talk with me about lesbians in sports.  Not sure why she singled me out.  Maybe to her my padded bike shorts made me look butch.  I happen to like padded bike shorts especially during a 50+ mile ride. They protect my beautiful, precious, sacred womanhood.  I digress.

Anyway, I didn’t want to talk about lesbians or for that matter lesbians in sport.  And no matter how much I tried to convince her that I was not a lesbian, that I didn’t have an opinion on the subject, and besides, who cares !!!  She pressed on.

The other amazingly graceful attribute of our great U.S.A. and of free will –  we can walk away from blind rhetoric.  That I did.

Always tri.  Never stop.