Happy 2017, may it be twisted and fabulous

Happy 2017. I kicked in the New year with the most amazing friends and a potential new love. Then 2am rung in reality; the love didn’t love my boundaries — talk about a hangover worse then champaign.

By 10am a good friend said, “Show me who you are and I have to believe you.” In other words, don’t pretend I have the ability to change someone and to accept their values as they are presented. She also reminded me that I dodged a bullet of stolen time.

With that I took a run, then a nap, ate a pizza, and now ending today with hot chocolate, mixed with Baileys Irish Cream, stirred with a candy cane, and topped with whipped cream – one last indulgence before Ironman training begins. Though not everything went my way today I am ending it with a smile and a wonderful memory of Carlos, a friend who died on December 3rd. Before he left he would say, “Life is like a bowl of spaghetti.  It’s fabulous and yummy, but twisted and complicated.”

I’ll toast to that.
Peace to you, at all times in all ways.

Always tri. Never stop.
Featured image: Allreceipe.com