The Amazing, Thriving Greta Andersen

Greta AndersenJust got back from interviewing Greta Andersen, an 87-year old swimming instructor who is also a gold and silver medal winner from the 1948 London Olympics, and who also won 13 world championships and set 72 amateur competitive swimming records and who is also multi-time member of the 24-hour club.   Needless to say, she is an amazing woman.

More than anything, I wanted to understand her mindset when swimming in the open water, and wondered if her insight could  help calm nerves during any triathlon swim?

The interview went well, however technically I had a few challenges.  Darn those kids playing in the pool laughing and splashing so loudly that the audio couldn’t be heard.  They really made me want to jump in and splash along.  So, until I get a better recording, here is a quick recap of Greta’s tips for success.

  1. Everyone is born with a gift.  Find yours.  Interestingly, Greta didn’t know how to swim until she was 14, and at first feared being in water.
  2. When swimming (and I would bet with all  adventures) relax and learn how to breath correctly.
  3. Have passion for what you do.
  4. Be in love with the challenge.
  5. Never whine.