Great training day

Beautiful weather. Perfect for riding and running. Rode 40 miles and ran 8.
Had planned on riding 101 miles and running 1. Then changed my mind about mile 25.

Yesterday I made more bike adjustments. Didn’t plan on that, but when I was at Edge Cycles to rent racing tires I discover that my professionally fitted bike is not fit for me — Thanks Jim. My seat was too far back, by 2 inches. That explains the sore knees.

The good news is that within my first 12 miles I could feel the power of this new position. However, by mile 25 my inner thighs were screaming, and because I forgot to move the areo bars up by 2″, I was very uncomfortable.
Bad news is that I have less than six weeks to get comfortable with this new powerful position.

It would have been great to test my speed during a century ride in this new position, but my gut kept telling me to do a shorter ride and then run longer. Good move, because my legs are still screaming, even after having a massage. Feels like I did 500 slow & low squats. More good news: thankfully tomorrow’s recovery ride is only 1 hour.

No doubt it’ll be a perfect riding day too; looking forward to it.