A Good Life

Last night I took a yoga class hoping to align my aching back and settle my mind.

Still, I went to bed thinking of the unspeakable killing of Jordan’s 27-year-old pilot, Lt. Moath al-Kasasbeh.  It is heartbreaking.  From what his father said, Moath lived a good life.  He was one of eight children, and he married an engineer last September.  He had much to live for, and my heart cries for his family, his friends.

I also thought about the Taiwan plane crash, a 49 year-old mother whose car crash into a NY commuter train, a 3 year old who shot both parents.   Good Lord, no wonder I had a bad night’s sleep.

Then this morning I read a Facebook post from my cousin in Buffalo. She’s a single mother.  Her baby is 10 months old.  Both have been sick for 10+ days.   She said, So grateful for the three guys who shoveled and HEAVED my car out this morning.

That simple, sweet act of kindness made her day and mine too.  The act was not news worthy, but those three unknown men shifted my mindset to focus on people who strive to make a good life through a kind gesture.

Let’s spread the good news.  Can you think of a kind person with a story worth sharing?  If so, spread the word.  We need more of them in our life.

Peace to you, at all times in all ways.