Focus. Focus. Focus.

Focus.  Focus.  Focus.  Need to listen to my own advice.

This morning I drove away with my swim bag on top of the trunk.  About 2 miles down the road cars were honking, and while looking around to see who was offended, I spied with my little eye … my bag flying through the air.  Good Lord it had a prized item; my Ironman Finisher water bottle.

Slammed on the breaks.  Thank God it wasn’t run over.  So grateful my swim gear didn’t fall out and land across the lanes.  Grabbed it and off I went.

Flip FlopsLater parked the car at the office.  Opened the door.   Looked down, and I spied with my little eye … flip flops.  I forgot my dress shoes.

Focus.  Focus.  Focus.
Always tri.  Never stop.