Rat in the engine

Here’s the dilemma … On Sunday I discovered a rat is living in my engine.
The evidence is clear; it left rat poop, and the hood’s roof was eaten away.

Grey RatThe dilemma — should my morals matter when killing a rat????
Am I crazy? Who cares about about this rat’s ass? I don’t.
They’re ugly, and this one is clearly destructive.

Still I promote Social Responsibility, and it’s a living, breathing thing.
So, I should show some compassion?
What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Rat in the engine

  • I couldn’t kill it. If it’s causing much damage, catch it in a humane trap and take it a long way off before releasing. I would leave it a bag of nuts or something so that it didn’t get hungry before sussing its new surroundings but then I’m mad.


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