Emergency Id

Another proactive healthy body moment … Had the Doc remove a weird looking  freckle from my belly.  At least that’s how I saw it.  He said it had a non-normal formality or something like that.
Okay. Whatever.

Once removed he said to stay out of the pool till he gave the two thumbs up, which I just got.  He said I had a weird looking freckle. Now I get to smell that fabulous chlorine and feel the cool splash.

This very minor medical talk had me thinking of a fellow cyclist who I rode with recently.  Half way through the ride he mention being allergic to penicillin.  Good to know.  By chance is that mentioned on your emergency ID???  WHAT ?!?  You don’t have one???  Are you crazy!!!

Some triathletes think their phone will suffice. I thought that too.  Then I heard a story about a cyclist who crashed and died.  His locked phone made it impossible for the emergency crew to get his ICE information. 
Now I wear one all the time and even bring it to the pool.

Emergency IDs should be worn when training  with a group or alone.   At minimum, carry your driver’s license and a list of  medical needs. Or, check out Road ID, a popular brand within the cycling world.

Or, I could customize one for you.
I found inspiration via my Dad and nephew who served in the Army.  Hence my designs start with 100% USA steel, military dog tags.

The front is laser engraved with emergency contacts or an inspirational quote, while the back includes a variety of designs. Prices range from $24.99 to $29.99.

Here are a few designs.  These necklaces come with a 28″ chain.
Or use them as a key chain or a zipper pull for your gear bag.

Tri ID Tags 3 girls running Run and believe ID Tag Rose Bike ID Tag

If you’d like to get one or give one as a gift, send me a note.

Always tri.  Never stop.