Done in moderation

legalBrowniesWhether you’re training for an Ironman, dieting for the holidays, or working on a business project – sometimes we need an attitude adjustment.

For me, changing my attitude means eating chocolate – as long as it’s done in moderation, I see nothing wrong with it.

Burnaby-20111025-00467For a quick fix, I eat one square of Trader Joe’s “Pound Plus Dark Chocolate”.  Yummmm.

With more time and planning, I bake brownies and eat one with a cup of tea.  Then the rest go into the freezer, and I only take one out when an attitude adjustment is needed.

In honor of National Brownie Day, here are 10 great holiday brownie recipes. My favorite is the Chocolate Dipped Brownies.

Just remember that eating one piece tastes great, but eating the entire pan can make you puke. Sad but true.

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