Do Something

Last week I spoke with a scholar about Corporate Responsibility (CR), and he talked about the various symposiums where professors contemplate CR theories.  I found myself thinking bla, bla, bla.  My crass attitude surprised me, but then I realized how great the world would be if people stopped talking and started doing.

For CR to succeed it needs people to acknowledge a problem, and then use their resources to do something about it.
If you see someone is hungry, buy them food.
If you see a child playing in an abandoned property surrounded by junk, clean it up.
If your neighbor is battling breast cancer and can’t afford organic produce, build her a garden.

I think most people don’t do something because our social problems are vast and overwhelming.  For example, in Orange County California it’s estimated there are 11,000 charities.  What’s the take-away — we can’t solve all the world’s problems.  Still we can help ease the burdon for one person or for a group or for a social need.  So stop talking, and do something.

Thrive with purpose.