Days Like This

Feeling positive and happy this morning … rode my bike to work.  It was a short ride; 9 miles.  It took 35 minutes, not much more than the 20 minute drive.  Loving days like this.

This took planning.  Yesterday I brought in clothes, makeup, and food for today.   Before going to bed I made sure the tires were tight.  Prep time: maybe an hour.  A priceless use of time, for today when riding I felt wanderlust.

For 35 minutes the heaviness of life went away.  I connected with nature and made eye contact with a few motorist.  I said a prayer for the dead squirrel on the side of Studebaker.  Said hello to a lady crossing guard.  For a mile rode with a worker at Los Alamitos Race Track.  We talked about his amazing amount of cycling power with his 20 year old bike, then I gave him a tongue-lashing for not wearing a helmet.  He smiled and rode on.

Just drank a coco protein shake, lit a candle.  Van Morrison’s Days Like This is playing, and I’m feeling stress free, ready to take on the day.