Day 37 – Make a commitment to you

During this 100 Days To Tri challenge I’ve been reminded of how critical it is to be 100% committed to your life and dreams, to explore options that enable your life to thrive.

Along the way people and society might try to discourage you.  You might question your logic.  Unavoidable roadblocks will get in your way.  When that happens, here are 5 steps to keep you on track …

  1. Ask – Do you truly believe in your project
  2. Remember – Why you’ve dedicated yourself to the project
  3. Celebrate – small and big steps of success
  4. Stop – never, especially because of unavoidable set backs
  5. Commit – command your life to success

Throughout it all, listen to your inner voice.  If it tells you to keep going, then find a way, get out of your way, and be true to yourself.  Committed to building a healthy, productive and thriving life.