Day 31 – Stay in control

During my 100 Days To Tri a few truths emerge.  Being in control of what you can control is one of them.

David, who I met last night, reminded me about it.  We shared a lane in the swimming pool, and afterwards he talked about the joy of regaining control of his life after breaking up with a negative girlfriend.  He is focused on rebuilding a healthy life by loosing weight, eating healthy, swimming and creating new goals.  He is controlling what he can control.

What can we control?

No much.  We can’t control other people or traffic, but there’s good news. We can control what we think, eat, and do.  Just as important, we can control who is in our inner circle.

And that’s one of the secrets to creating a thriving, peaceful and powerful mindset.  Thanks David for this great reminder.

Today’s Tri Tip:

Control what you can control.