Day 24 – The World Needs Quality

100 Days To Tri; lessons learned – Get quality products

Recently a friend talked about getting into triathlons but worried about the cost.  Where do you begin?  I remember that daunting feeling and suggested – take spinning classes, especially since he didn’t own a bike.  Spinning is great for building comfort on a bike and getting the heart pumping.

Ideally it’d be great if you had bike shoes because their stiff sole provides more comfort, helps transfer force, and develops a circular pedaling action.  Plus cleats are more energy efficient.

Tri Tip #1Shimano Bike Shoes

Buy quality.  I bought Shimano bike shoes 14 years ago, and they still work great – though they are looking a bit raggedy.

For those just staring out, here’s an article from REI on how to choose and use bike pedals.  Hope it’s helpful.

The Take Away

How do you fill your thriving life with quality?

A Footnote

I just discovered Shimano has a Corporate Social Responsibility policy.  Good for them.  For those interested, here’s their Social Activity Report.  I particularly like how they are Creating Exhilarating Joy.