Day 2 of Lent

It’s Lent and I really don’t know what I’m giving up. I would like to eliminate sugar and dairy, but worry about not getting enough protein, especially on days with a good workout. So, the hope is to eat similar to vegan or vegetarian or as a diabetic; eat more plant based foods and eliminate sugar, dairy.

First day of Lent went well. That’s because I only focused on the day’s food list and only bought food as needed. For the most part I felt content the entire day, except for craving something sweet around 4pm. Admittedly dinner was very bland: rice, beans and tomato salad. Clearly need help creating flavor.

Day 2 of Lent.
Breakfast: oats, fruit, almond butter, pecans, coconut flakes, almond milk.
Mid morning snack: banana
Lunch: rice, beans, and tomato salad.
Afternoon snack: Apple and peanut butter
Dinner: TBD

If you have a yummy recipe, please share. I’m open to all ideas.
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