Cycling Fashion, Function

Yes Ironman training builds endurance, AND it builds comfort in your skin, AND it builds a clear vision of goals.  What’s extra fun is combining those functions with fashion.
JLVelo and Rudy Project
This year I stumbled upon two companies that combined the two:  Rudy Project and JLVelo.

Rudy Project has bold color helmets, shades and gear.  I wear pink, which helps me feel more feminine while riding.  Pink also helps me stand out with cars, cyclist, and I’ll take any extra road space they’ll share.

JLVelo has edgy racing kit designs with shorts cut to perfection … providing pure comfort during 100+ mile rides and eliminating the look of sausage legs.  Ladies you know what I’m talking about!!!

Love, love, love how both companies utilize the latest technology to provide the best function and how they beautifully incorporate pink, which brought some unexpected joy from being seen.

Stand out.  #FollowYourBliss
(Featured image source: Middlesbrough Council)