CSR Makes Me Happy

Cycles of CSR Happiness

photo courtesy of Sumitomo Forestry

Why embrace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?  Because it makes me happy.

Helping companies create sustainable love for their brand by connecting them with communities is enjoyable.

Being part of a supportive team that works to create a better planet is humbling.

And, exploring ways to communicate CSR is creative.

Best of all …

It’s priceless to watch organizations grow from surviving to thriving because they leveraged resources to help their communities.

Companies that embrace CSR strengthen relationships, create new leads, obtain positive media exposure, and generate revenue.  Employees feel pride and loyalty.  Suppliers work to solve problems.  Clients become ambassadors.

CSR is never boring.

It incorporates teamwork, strategy, logistics, multiple forms of communication and project management.  It encourages out-of-the-box thinking, and it works to make the company sustainable and efficient.

Art thou doing the right thing?

Today I listened to a rare Tolstoly audio from 1909.  He read from his book, A Calendar of Wisdom, and concluded the recording by asking, “Art thou doing the right thing?”

That question usually starts and stops with Mom and Dad.  Sadly, with time many business leaders forget those childhood lessons.  The divergent “dong the right thing” question gets lost among financial factual questions, i.e., what’s the best way for the company to make more money?  Should we outsource?  How are you going to pay for the car, house, or vacation?

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but it can bring us happiness because it defines our values, enabling us to look eye-to-eye in the mirror, and hopefully one day sleep peacefully when we’re six-feet under.