CSR, a living organism

Just read a note from my favorite heretic, Pascal Finette, who talked about culture being a living organism. It’s something you embody, not something you write down, put on a poster and hope will permeate through osmosis.

I couldn’t agree more.  Take for instance TNG Real Estate, a company with three offices in Orange County and approximately 400 agents.  Their Broker, Craig Martin, is a rare breed who instinctively believes in supporting his communities.

Earlier this year he hired me to create a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) culture, which would leverage his business resources and embody his faith and values.

Children at Colette's Children's Home playing on a swing set dontate by TNG Real EstateThe goal: help women and their children facing homelessness and domestic violence.  Plus, support local arts, education and sustainability.

We started by creating a TNG Cares committee, and since February TNG Cares hosted a Free Paper Shred Day (saving 68 trees). They trained & hired one of the ladies within the U.S. Vets Advanced Women’s Program.

This month we’re spearheading a summer clothing drive for The Sheepfold, and last week we installed a swing set for impoverished mother’s and their children living at Colette’s Children’s Home.

What’s the take away?  Everyone wins.  The homeless mother who has a new life with a new career.  The families with new summer clothes to wear.  The children who have a safe, fun place to play.  The planet which is being cared for.  Equally beneficial is the pride the TNG Team feel by being part of a caring corporate leader and seeing joy permeate through people’s eyes.

That’s the CSR secret … it embodies a living, organic pride.