Century #1

It’s been a few weeks since my last post; no I didn’t quit. Rather I’ve been traveling with workout clothes in tote.
Did I workout? Not really.
Was I affected by the break? Yes & no.

I had a great 7 mile run; felt very strong & had energy to run farther.
However, yesterday I rode a century, and it took 9 hours… Good Lord!!!
That’s called a reality check.

The good news: I did this ride with twins Stephanie and Angelia, and the ride ended at old town San Diego. By 3:30 it was time for chips, salsa, and margaritas. After 2-3 drinks we started telling tales of climbing Torry Pines (mile 85 to 86). It was 3,800′ climb @ 15% grade. NOT. Though it sounds good. Truth be told the hill is a 500′ climb @ 4% grade … Fun memories. Can’t blame us for acting like true Iron Maidens.

As for the reality check … with my riding I’ll barely finish the IMAZ in 17 hours, yet my goal is 13 hours. That’s a big time discrepancy. So it’s time to adjust my thinking.

1. No longer focus on finishing in 13 hours. Yesterday I estimated the ride taking 6 hours, then I faced unexpected elements — 98 miles of headwinds, getting lost twice, a flat tire, three bathroom breaks. After riding 4.5 hours we only reached mile 50. A very defeating feeling. I don’t want to feel that way on the IMAZ, so now my goal is to take take the elements that the Ironman brings and finish it when I’m done.

2. To incorporate yoga in my workout. Muscles are too tight.

3. Each week run one day for 2-3 hours (get my legs use to running long distances), and do a 30+ mile ride with a 3+ mile run (get use to running after a ride).

4. Change the saddle or the bike shorts or both; riding shouldn’t be that torturous.