Update: Rat in the engine

In our squeamish society I wasn’t going to post this, but since some of you asked … here’s a “Rat in the engine” update. Yahoo … the rat is gone. Nature worked its course, and thankfully the rat left in a very organic way, so to speak. Here’s the scoop: Earlier this week, before leaving Read more about Update: Rat in the engine[…]

Reclaiming Value

Today CNN Health reported, “Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence Can Damage Long-Term Mental Health”. No Shit Sherlock. Does that finding surprise anyone? Yet it’s so common for people to say to the victim, “Why can’t you move on? Be happy.” Well, one reason why is … the victim hasn’t found peace with being attacked. They need Read more about Reclaiming Value[…]

Betty Ford. Thank you for being a pathfinder.

Reflecting on the life of Betty Ford, and how she was the first major public figure to openly discuss an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Additionally, she openly talked about cancer let alone breast cancer. Keep in mind that at the time society didn’t openly have those discussions or have recovery resources for addicts. She Read more about Betty Ford. Thank you for being a pathfinder.[…]