Day 24 – The World Needs Quality

100 Days To Tri; lessons learned – Get quality products Recently a friend talked about getting into triathlons but worried about the cost.  Where do you begin?  I remember that daunting feeling and suggested – take spinning classes, especially since he didn’t own a bike.  Spinning is great for building comfort on a bike and Read more about Day 24 – The World Needs Quality[…]


Day 23 – Love is in the details

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a thousand more times – be proactive.  If you’re like me – a procrastinator – that’s easier said than done, but it pays off.  The trick is to be proactive with the end in mind. The end goal for racing Ironman or another triathlon is getting to Read more about Day 23 – Love is in the details[…]

Ironman ladies

Day 13 – Bring Your A Game

Day 13 motto – Bring Your A Game.  Why?  Because it’s important to remember that anyone, at any age, can bring their A Game.  For those in my age group (50+) … don’t use age as an excuse from creating a thriving life because time and wisdom do have benefits, especially if you are embracing an Read more about Day 13 – Bring Your A Game[…]

kelley urbani

Day 12 – Angel vs. Devil

Having an angel vs devil moment between a pear and a chocolate donut. Logic tells me the donut is no good, but my mind is trying to justify eating the beautiful chocolate mouth-full-of-joy because I just swam 50 laps. Then I think about yesterday’s conversation with Kelly Urbani, founder of Strength Wraps and one bad-ass Read more about Day 12 – Angel vs. Devil[…]


Day 11- Focus on the reward

Getting ready for my first brick training day where I’ll incorporate two sports back-to-back; Cycling then running.  For me brick days are the hardest part of training/racing, and admittedly in the past my attitude has been a bit salty throughout the run – cursing like a drunken pirate. As Saturday gets closer I’ve realized a Read more about Day 11- Focus on the reward[…]

scorpion discipline

Day 10 – Be disciplined

With work, life and tri training, stress can seep in. One way to help avoid that is to be proactive. For example, today is a very busy day filled with three meetings and final editing for an article and TNG Real Estate’s annual CSR report. With so much going on meant tri training needed to Read more about Day 10 – Be disciplined[…]

Happy Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day, and Mom’s constantly on my mind especially since she’s in California and I’m in Denver. Got to brag about Mom.  Mom has been at the center of my life since forever; cooking, playing the piano, organizing the family, going to church. She taught me how to be a woman, to give back Read more about Happy Mother’s Day[…]

Dad’s sweater

Had an emotional day. With my siblings we went through my Dad’s clothes and then donated most of them to the Goodwill.  We did this for our Mom who’s out of town visiting our brother.  We didn’t want her to take on this project. For after 54 years of marriage, cleaning the closet of her Read more about Dad’s sweater[…]

Dad’s Amazing Qualities

Thinking about my Dad this morning and remembering some of his amazing qualities. Here’s one I want to share. As a kid Mom & Dad took the family to an orphanage in Mexico for a weekend. We were part of a food-drive project spearheaded by our church, St. Cecilia.  Because we had a VW van, Read more about Dad’s Amazing Qualities[…]