bike transportation

Bike Transport

Today I checked in my bike at Cycle Werks for transport to Cozumel.  They are a partner of TriBike Transport, the actual company that will transport my baby. TriBike Transport has relationships with bike shops all around the U.S., and many triathletes who race outside of their hometown use their service to transport their bike Read more about Bike Transport[…]


Be Adventurous

Moved into another training week with my nephew, Joel, asking if training included running trails.  Nope.  I’m pretty structured.  Stick with the plan and only run on the road. Then I thought, hey, let’s mix it up.  Be  adventurous.   Get out of the routine. See new sites. So Sunday I ran through Peter’s Canyon. Loved Read more about Be Adventurous[…]

Long Beach, CA

Discovering Long Beach

Today’s training started with a 90 minute run, and it’ll end with a 75 minute swim. Wanted to share a few thoughts about the run. Like always, my mind dreaded it. Within five minutes my breath is labored, I am sweating like crazy, and all I feel is body weight and no rhythm. If you’re Read more about Discovering Long Beach[…]

San Clemente

San Juan Capistrano

Here’s the latest travel, ride and IM training connection:  San Juan Capistrano. I’ve ridden through SJC many times, both on the train and on my bike.  Love the history of the Mission and the swallows.  The rolling hills are beautiful and challenging.  The quiet streets can get loud after happy hour. Last Saturday I was Read more about San Juan Capistrano[…]

signal hill ca

Training on Signal Hill, CA

Years ago I use to commute from Signal Hill to L.A. for a job with KABC radio. To this day I can’t forget my first Friday night drive home. It took an exhausting 2+ hours.   For those who don’t know the drive, the running joke about the 405 freeway is that it take 4 or Read more about Training on Signal Hill, CA[…]

Los Angeles Map

Travel Tues – L.A. Fun Ride

Los Angeles has a plethora of fun activities. Just think, the ocean, mountains, desert, and vineyards are all within two hours of each other. Then again, there is also a plethora of congested traffic, lack of easy public transportation, and free time. Those challenges tend to keep people close to home squashing any adventurous spirit. Read more about Travel Tues – L.A. Fun Ride[…]

Desert bike ride in Vegas

Travel Tues – Cycle around Vegas

Ditch the conference and cycle around Vegas During a recent trip to Vegas, cyclist who climbed the red rock hills distracted me.  I was there for a conference, barely had time to do push-ups. Between signal lights I spoke to a few cyclist and discovered they were training for the Tour de Summerlin ride.  It Read more about Travel Tues – Cycle around Vegas[…]