Happy Monday – It’s a beautiful day

Why does Monday get a bad rap?  I think it’s the best day of the week.  After all, it was the day I was born. Plus, every Monday gives me a fresh, new feeling like New Year’s Day and Easter, which brings a sense of a clean slate – so to speak. Here’s a thought: Read more about Happy Monday – It’s a beautiful day[…]


Happy Monday

How is your day going so far? Are you struggling to get it started? If so, take a few moments to focus and create a calm work environment. 1st, prioritize tasks. 2nd, declutter your desk of distractions. 3rd, light a candle for a special person. Then, dedicate the day to that person.  Think of their Read more about Happy Monday[…]

It’s Okay To Fail

Having spent the last few months training for the 1/2 Ironman distance HITS Napa triathlon, I found the double-talk amazing.  Fear of failure mixed with wishing for a better life, i.e., be healthy, learn a language, travel abroad, strengthen family bonds.  One person actually said he did not want to try anything new unless there Read more about It’s Okay To Fail[…]

Power of choice

Day 40 – Choose to find your purpose

Racing Ironman taught me many lessons.  One was the power of choices, including choosing to seek out and find my purpose. That’s something to think about – To know your purpose you must choose to seek it out just like you choose other life choices – eating healthy, hydrating, thinking positively.  We are born with Read more about Day 40 – Choose to find your purpose[…]

Vince Lombardi Trophy

Day 36 – Quality of Commitment

http://youtu.be/QMYqSBgXo34 The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence – regardless of their chosen field of endeavor. ~ Vince Lombardi Vince Lombardi is considered to be one of the best and most successful coaches in NFL history, and his quote reminds us to focus on doing our best, Read more about Day 36 – Quality of Commitment[…]

Ironman Austin

Thriving Thoughts: Be Aware

Be Aware Just getting back on my feet (literally) from racing Ironman Austin, and when sharing its good, bad and ugly stories I find it fascinating that most people focus on me loosing three toenails instead of me accomplishing the Ironman goal. It’s an interesting perspective with a clear reminder that we choose different filters Read more about Thriving Thoughts: Be Aware[…]

Ironman Austin

Feed the Hunger; Succeed like an elite athlete

Ironman Austin; Feed the Hunger; Succeed like an elite athleteJust getting back on track from racing Ironman Austin. Now I have to find another race to “Feed the Hunger”.

Still, before taking on a new race, I wanted to share some reflections & tips for improvement.

Tip #1

Before putting on the wetsuit, don’t forget to tighten your tri shorts. That way, after the swim when the wetsuit is stripped off in front of hundreds of people, the shorts will stay on … yep, still feeling a bit mortified knowing a few lucky bystanders got to see all my glory.

Tip #2

If feeling down because you fell short of your goals, read something inspiring.  Case in point, on the flight home I read an article from USA Today about LeBron James; LeBron Still Unsettled, Back-to-back championships only make James hungrier to succeed.

Well, that caught my eye.  Why was LeBron James hungry?  Wasn’t he content at being #1?  Apparently not.

How does LeBron James feed his hunger for success?

LeBron James; Feed the Hunger; Succeed like an elite athleteThat I maximize my potential –

That I got everything out of my career, and I got everything out of my game that I could, and that I pushed the envelope….

When people said I couldn’t get better, I continue to strive to get better.  If I do that, I can be very high.

LeBron’s words resonated with me, not only as an athlete, but also as a business owner who’s aim is to inspire people and small/medium size companies to succeed by transforming their lives to Thrive With Purpose™.

I understand the challenges of taking it to the next level.  For example, while training and racing Ironman (ok, while running) I’d ask, “Annemarie, how bad do you want to succeed?”  Usually, the question would get me to finish that training goal.  Still, it’s a mental challenge … day-by-day, minute-by-minutes, & at times second-by-second.

Well, come to find out LeBron James also asked the same question after the Miami Heat lost the 2011 championship.  Looking for inspiration, he found the secret to success via an Eric Thomas’ speech.

Feed the Hunger; Succeed like an elite athlete.
Here are 5 Tips […]