A Good Life

Last night I took a yoga class hoping to align my aching back and settle my mind. Still, I went to bed thinking of the unspeakable killing of Jordan’s 27-year-old pilot, Lt. Moath al-Kasasbeh.  It is heartbreaking.  From what his father said, Moath lived a good life.  He was one of eight children, and he Read more about A Good Life[…]

Build a good name

Had a flashback today while listening to an interview with punk rocker Patti Smith.  I lived vicariously through her music and poetry.  Love her spirit, and I’m  still inspired by how she walks to the beat of her own drum. Well, during the interview she talked about what really matters in life; Build a good Read more about Build a good name[…]

Commit To You

Last weekend I had a great time in San Francisco visiting friends and enjoying some R&R.  But by Monday the only drink I wanted was water, and the one thing I needed was a run to sweat out the toxins. I was not committed to a run till 10 a.m., and only embraced it around Read more about Commit To You[…]

Finding One's Purpose

7 Creative Questions To Find Your purpose

Drinking a dreadful glass of red wine – Stella Rosa from Trader Joe’s.  Note To Self – drinking wine that froths when poured might be hazardous.  Anyway, it’s what I got so down it goes. Cheers to 2015.  I’m craving creativity with a bit more structure.  After years of living like a gypsy, this year Read more about 7 Creative Questions To Find Your purpose[…]

Break the silence

Recently I had a business meeting with a national Conference Chair for a women’s trade association during which she shared disturbing news about a few women leaders within the conference committee who fear their keynote speaker (a women’s rights advocate) would be too controversial. On one hand, I get it.  Even in 2015 the topic Read more about Break the silence[…]


Giving 100% Trust

Admittedly, it’s difficult for me to give 100% trust.  It’s something I want to do but have never done as an adult.  Then today I saw this video and was mesmerized by their physical beauty and 100% trust in each other. Watch it and see if you too are inspired to connect with someone to Read more about Giving 100% Trust[…]

Be Mindful like Rory McIlroy

It’s Monday – Happy Monday.  Started the day at the gym and while on the treadmill watched a recap of the weekend’s sports. Congratulations Rory McIlroy  for capturing his second straight major title, fourth in his career.   So proud of him.  He positively represents the Irish grit, just as he positively practices mindfulness. This ESPN Read more about Be Mindful like Rory McIlroy[…]



Yesterday a fellow athlete and overall amazing person, Vaughn Ripley, introduced me to a new word, a new concept, one that I instinctively learned by racing Ironman – Kaisen. Kaisen is a philosophy about continuous improvement or self-changing for the best of all. From what I can tell, Kaisen is primarily applied to manufacturing, engineering, business Read more about Kaisen[…]

Love is in the details

On Making Monday Happy

It’s a Happy Monday.  Admittedly at some point everyone has faced this day with dread.  Maybe the weekend sapped your energy, or your workload is chaotic and overwhelming the senses to paralysis. No matter the reason way, to make this day productive we need to focus and discipline.  Those two little acts can bring a Read more about On Making Monday Happy[…]

The Amazing, Thriving Greta Andersen

Just got back from interviewing Greta Andersen, an 87-year old swimming instructor who is also a gold and silver medal winner from the 1948 London Olympics, and who also won 13 world championships and set 72 amateur competitive swimming records and who is also multi-time member of the 24-hour club.   Needless to say, she is Read more about The Amazing, Thriving Greta Andersen[…]