#GivingTuesday, Giving Hope After Sexual Assault

As a rape survivor, hearing people talk about their sexual assault stories is empowering.  I’m filled with pride for those who seek peace from being victimized.  I’m filled with gratitude for their efforts to seek justice. To all who support survivors, like the military’s Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARC) and Victim’s Advocates (VA), thank you Read more about #GivingTuesday, Giving Hope After Sexual Assault[…]

Happy New Year

Goal setting

The New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your priorities, dreams & goals. Setting short & long-term goals is a wonderful process to decide what you want to achieve, to explore what is important, a distraction, or irrelevant. Goals, when achieved, build confidence, and they are a great motivation tool. Most goal setting books talk about the benefits of Read more about Goal setting[…]

Happy New Year 2017

Happy 2017, may it be twisted and fabulous

Happy 2017. I kicked in the New year with the most amazing friends and a potential new love. Then 2am rung in reality; the love didn’t love my boundaries — talk about a hangover worse then champaign. By 10am a good friend said, “Show me who you are and I have to believe you.” In other words, don’t pretend Read more about Happy 2017, may it be twisted and fabulous[…]

Rob Keller MD Glutathione

Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant

To understand why Glutathione is called the Master Antioxidant, especially for athletes, let’s first look at what happens to the body during a workout. The athlete generates free radicals, which react within the cells by a process called oxidation. Oxidation can create inflammation. If the inflammation accumulates, it decreases the function of the cell and eventually Read more about Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant[…]

be prepared

Safety Apps

Yesterday I organized a Tech “Lunch & Learn” event at TNG Real Estate’s Fullerton office. About 60 agents attended. I talked about safety and using four types of emergency apps: Communicate with a network Set off an alarm Call for help Confirm you got their safely If you get peace of mind with an “in case of an emergency” plan, Read more about Safety Apps[…]

Roller Coaster

Success, completely

Last week I signed up for a 15k run. It’s an easy distance compared to a full Ironman. But since gaining a few pounds, enjoying an unstructured schedule, and feeling mentally weak – I’m feeling apprehensive, tired. My lack of motivation stirred up feeling of failure, sadness, frustration. Then today an associate, an entrepreneurial guru, shared his business Read more about Success, completely[…]

Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love

Don’t buy a drunk a drink. That Irish quote always comes to mind when violence is plastered on the news.  To me the quote pleads for us to live with peace and not add to the world’s problems. So, after the police shootings in St. Paul, Baton Rouge, and Dallas the quote lit a fire in my Read more about Seeds of Love[…]

Inspirational spark

Need An Inspirational Spark? Read On.

For six-months I’ve been coaching a friend train for her first 70.3, an Ironman half distance triathlon. Race day is next month, and last week she seeked an inspirational spark. Something that will spank her ass, give her strength, and move her fine bad-ass all the way to the finish line. She is physically ready.  She Read more about Need An Inspirational Spark? Read On.[…]

Operation No Muffin Top


A friend is on a mission. It is a mission embraced by nearly every woman (and a few men), usually in April or May. The mission is to have a beach body by July, and she is calling this mission, #OperationNoMuffinTop.  When I read the mission name on her Facebook post I laughed.  Loved the name. Read more about #OperationNoMuffinTop[…]