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Communicate CSR

This morning I’ll be at the Microsoft Store hosting another CSR Workshop.  Today’s topic: Communicating your CSR efforts.  It’s estimated 80% of European companies communicate their CSR efforts while only 40% of U.S. companies do.  So this topic is vital, especially since communication is one of the seven integration steps when incorporating CSR into your Read more about Communicate CSR[…]



Tuesday was a great day.  I committed to racing Ironman Austin, and then met with a business leader to discuss the CSR process.

This morning at 5 a.m., a mental battle began – I didn’t want to get out of bed to train.  During the mental volley I realized committing to Ironman is similar to business leaders committing to CSR.  The heart is in the right place but the mind questions its lIntrospectionogic. […]

Recycled Glass Countertop


In my quest to better understand recycling I toured Rainbow Environmental Services in Huntington Beach, respectfully aka – a dump.

As a kid I remember touring the dump, which always intrigued me – the piles of trash, the items people disregarded without giving them to a neighbor, the stench.  The mixture was more colorful than turning individual Starburst candies into a ball.

The same feelings returned yesterday when seeing the piles of trash, couches, mattresses, plastic bottles, clothes, wood, paper.  […]

Do Something

Last week I spoke with a scholar about Corporate Responsibility (CR), and he talked about the various symposiums where professors contemplate CR theories.  I found myself thinking bla, bla, bla.  My crass attitude surprised me, but then I realized how great the world would be if people stopped talking and started doing. For CR to Read more about Do Something[…]

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F*cker Act

The November 13, 2011 60 Minutes program discussed how Congress doesn’t have any Corporate Responsibility because they have daily access to non-public insight and are exempt from insider trading laws.  Hey let’s level the playing field and give us 47 – 99% that perk.

April 4, 2012 Obama signed the STOCK ACT.  It was designed to bring transparency and to make government officials subject to same insider trading rules as everyone else.

Well, on April 12, 2013 Congress reminded us there’s two ways to skin a cat by gutting the Stock Act, and killing a mandate for government officials to post financial disclosure forms online.  So, last night Jon Stewart blasted Congress and renamed the Act to the “F*cker” Act.  To break down the details here’s Jon. […]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.  This is my favorite holiday.  It’s smack in the middle of spring time. Beautiful flowers and new growth fill me positive energy.  The air is clean, and the refreshing fragrance of orange blossoms is intoxicating (at least in southern California). I always feel like Easter is the true New Year – a time Read more about Happy Easter[…]

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Success Defined

The last 10 days, after speaking at two conferences, I feel positive about life. In Vegas I moderated a CSR panel for the Women in Default Services conference.  Four amazing companies sat on the panel – Freddie Mac, PEMCO, U.S. Bank and Microsoft. First, to innovate the panel I organized a tour of Zappos Downtown Read more about Success Defined[…]