Passion for coffee

Earlier this week I had drinks with a friend and fellow KNAC alumni, Kevin.  He just launched Circle of Coffee, a coffee blog, and wanted to talk about the process. I  don’t know the first thing about this grind.  In fact, I’ve never had a cup of coffee.  Jasmine Green tea, that’s for me.  Still Read more about Passion for coffee[…]

Build a good name

Had a flashback today while listening to an interview with punk rocker Patti Smith.  I lived vicariously through her music and poetry.  Love her spirit, and I’m  still inspired by how she walks to the beat of her own drum. Well, during the interview she talked about what really matters in life; Build a good Read more about Build a good name[…]

Designing Military Tag

Love is in the details

Last night while attending the Society of Women Engineers meeting at BuildIt Workspace – Yes, I crashed that event! 😉 – my engineering ignorance came to mind: Designing tags will be so easy.  NOT! Not all adhesives stick. Not all paint covers.  Prototype templates need designing. Measurements must be calculated, chemicals must be measured.   Let’s Read more about Love is in the details[…]

Honoring the Military

Back in July, feeling a bit patriotic and wanting to honor my Dad and nephew for their military service, I created an emergency ID out of military dog tags. When doing so the store made two; one with my name spelled correctly and one with it misspelled. Could I re-purpose a ruined military ID? Well, Read more about Honoring the Military[…]

Michelle Bergquist

We received such great feedback on you and your ‘real world’ insight and advice to our attendees! Thank you for sharing your time and experiences with other professional women… our feedback from the event was outstanding! Thank you for making our panel breakfast a huge success! ~ Michelle Bergquist, CEO & Co-Founder – Connected Women Read more about Michelle Bergquist[…]

Casey Gerald

Casey Gerald; We’ve Got More Work To Do

Today I watched Casey Gerald’s speech to the Harvard Business School class of 2014.  His message touched on the commitment one makes to transform their life, their world.  His message was simple; We’ve got more work to do. His call to action – We’ve got more work to do – was a combination of Dr. Read more about Casey Gerald; We’ve Got More Work To Do[…]

Fidelity Title shredding event in SLO

Shredding Paper; Remembering Life

Last weekend while in San Luis Obispo managing a paper shred event for Fidelity National Title, I left feeling nostalgic. It was a reaction from meeting people who talked about the difficulty of shredding. They were letting go of medical records for a child or a parent, divorce papers, cancer documents, mortgage records., notes from Read more about Shredding Paper; Remembering Life[…]

smiley face

Pascal Finette – The Heretic

You have this one lifetime to achieve happiness. You’re a fool if you don’t go for it! ~ Pascal Finette Truth be told, I’m not sure Pascal authored the above quote, but since he sent it to me I’ll give him credit. In October 2012 I met Pascal at the TEDxOC event.  Afterwards we shared Read more about Pascal Finette – The Heretic[…]