Update on Diane’s crash

Okay, let’s admit one thing … I am not the best photographer. Maybe at this moment that’s a good thing, because Diane just told me that none of the pictures I took of her at the crash site turned out. All were blank, blank, blank. However, the one picture she took of her riding in Read more about Update on Diane’s crash[…]

Walking like a duck

Calf muscles are screaming today, making me walk like a duck. Ouch. Ignorantly, I thought all leg muscles were past painful moments. Still lots of learning to do. To help improve running skills, I found a video that looks at running techniques. Audio is not the best, but I found it provided good information. Hopefully Read more about Walking like a duck[…]

A good story of kind people who kept me running

With all the negative news, let me share a good story about some kind people. First, the agenda: swim 1.5 miles, ride 45 miles and run 5 miles. A map of the bike route is below. Outcome: no swimming (right shoulder pain seems to be worse) and I struggled to only run 3.5 miles. The Read more about A good story of kind people who kept me running[…]

Swimming drills by Dave Scott, 6x Ironman Champion

As I build new muscle memory to repair my right shoulder I came across this YouTube video of Dave Scott offering tips to help improve swimming. If you too are trying to improve your freestyle stroke, you might want to check this out. Dave Scott swimming tips I hope it helps. On a humorous self Read more about Swimming drills by Dave Scott, 6x Ironman Champion[…]

You won’t win the race by kicking

Last night I ran for 30 minutes and then swam for an hour. Still babying my right shoulder from straining the bicep tendon. So swimming consists of kicking, seeing how the arm feels with the breast stroke. Basically taking it easy. Wrong move if you want to do the Ironman in under 13 hours … Read more about You won’t win the race by kicking[…]

Can somebody find my teeth?

Done with week 3 of training, and already encountered a few physical set-backs. The week started with a strained right bicep tendon, making it impossible to swim freestyle and quite painful to ride longer than 30 miles. Not wanting to loose training time, my swim has consisted of kicking and the breast strokes. Thinking positive, Read more about Can somebody find my teeth?[…]

Bonking on my first brick

This past week I traveled to Texas for a conference, and to keep Ironman training on schedule I researched lap pools and local gyms. Great intentions, little discipline. Sure I strength trained in the hotel gym, but little else. With meetings and late nights (some lasting till 3 a.m.), it was nearly impossible to workout. Read more about Bonking on my first brick[…]

One stroke at a time

Reached one goal today, and it was done a month sooner than anticipated. I swam 2 miles within 90 minutes. Throughout the practice I kept thinking about Steve, a cyclist I met last week who finished three AZ Ironman races, and this year he’s working to conquer Kona … Go Steve. Steve said the biggest Read more about One stroke at a time[…]