In the beginning there was Bob Babbitt

Last weekend I wrote about being tired of training. In a sense I hit another brick wall after my last brick practice. Running after riding is more difficult than I imagined. Then last Wednesday I met Scout Basset, a physically challenged athlete who experienced the worst of life during her first seven years. After hearing Read more about In the beginning there was Bob Babbitt[…]

Scout Bassett & CAF

Recently I heard Scout speak about the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). Scout shared her amazing story of being born in China, loosing a leg as an infant, and living in an orphanage till age 7 (during which time she was forced into child labor, torchered, lived in social isolation). Then at age 13 while living Read more about Scout Bassett & CAF[…]

Arizona dam breaks @ Tempe Town Lake … damn

Good news: The IMAZ wasn’t happening when the dam broke. Bad news: Tempe Town Lake, a mainstay in the Arizona triathlon community, is down to less than three feet in depth after the dam holding the lake exploded yesterday evening. It is unclear at this point what will happen to the fall triathlons, including Ironman Read more about Arizona dam breaks @ Tempe Town Lake … damn[…]

A professional bike fit with Jim Manton

Getting a professional bike fit was something I’ve wanted to do since hearing Jim Manton speak at a triathlon meeting. His speech was fascinating. So technical — wattage & power & angles & stack & drop. When I bought the bike nearly 10 years ago, the sales person eyeballed the fit. It took all of Read more about A professional bike fit with Jim Manton[…]

Shoulder PT with Jack Chen

After a fellow cyclist (Cliff) wouldn’t stop giving me hell for putting up with shoulder pain, I bit the bullet and paid for physical therapy. I was very reluctant because of past physical therapy (PT) experiences, and it’s expensive too; not always easy to pay for with a self-employed salary.  Anyway, I needed PT twice Read more about Shoulder PT with Jack Chen[…]

Winning the mind game

A few weeks back I mentioned meeting a cyclist who finished the IMAZ three times, and he said the #1 way to finish the race is to successfully play the Mind Game. Since then the mind game has been on my mind, and I can’t help but think about the man who got me into Read more about Winning the mind game[…]

Riding 68.5 miles

It took 4 hours and 45 minutes to ride 68.5 miles. Here’s the route: Heritage Park – Santiago- Live Oak – Antonio – Crown Valley- PCH- Newport CoastFind more Bike Rides in Irvine, California Live Oak and Trabuco Canyon had some crazy hills; felt great going down Antonio Pkwy; didn’t care for riding through Laguna Read more about Riding 68.5 miles[…]

Break through with running

Today I ran for an hour, and at mile two I wanted to stop. Then I thought of Gail Devers, the fastest woman in the world, and how she almost had her feet amputated from Graves Disease. Then I thought — what if I was in her situation, about to loose my feet. What would Read more about Break through with running[…]

Ice is my friend

This was a good training week. It took me till Tuesday to recuperate from last Saturday’s brick training session.  But by Wednesday I ran (till a coyote jumped on the road and wouldn’t move; time for me to turn around). Thursday rode two hours. Friday ran 3 miles. And today rode 58 miles and ran Read more about Ice is my friend[…]