Little challenges – rain, flats and ants

The plan is to ride 5 /12 hours today, and to leave @ 6:30. Got up @ 5 to eat and discovered it’s raining. Drag. Not the best conditions, but I’d rather ride in the rain than the heat, so I’ll deal with it. By 7 I’m running late; not really looking forward to a Read more about Little challenges – rain, flats and ants[…]

Great training day

Beautiful weather. Perfect for riding and running. Rode 40 miles and ran 8. Had planned on riding 101 miles and running 1. Then changed my mind about mile 25. Yesterday I made more bike adjustments. Didn’t plan on that, but when I was at Edge Cycles to rent racing tires I discover that my professionally Read more about Great training day[…]

Ironman training update

It’s been over a month since posting a note. Sad to say I needed an attitude adjustment, and it took this long for the negative thoughts to go away. From the beginning I was told this race is won by playing a mind game, but I was not prepared for how difficult that game is Read more about Ironman training update[…]

Update: Repair to Tempe Town Lake

Yesterday I spoke with someone associated with running the AZIM, and she’s confident that the Tempe Town Lake will be repaired by November 1, 2010. Just in time for the 11/21 Ironman. So, I started looking for articles supporting that goal, and found this article written on August 9th. If you’re interested, here’s the link: Read more about Update: Repair to Tempe Town Lake[…]

10 miles lost

Had a great birthday ride yesterday. The plan was to go 81 miles, but only did 70. Nothing to sneeze at, especially since 90% of the ride was climbing hills. Okay, how’d we loose 10 miles? It’s a math problem. First, an overview: the route had us riding on Pacific Coast Highway from Newport Beach Read more about 10 miles lost[…]

Bike fit update

Yesterday’s ride felt good. It was 68.5 miles, and for the first time Jim Manton’s professional bike fit was really tested. With a new handlebar/saddle, plus new positions for the clips, saddle & bar, I started the ride praying it wouldn’t end with too much pain. My prayers were answered. Primarily the fireball between the Read more about Bike fit update[…]