Happy New Year

Goal setting

The New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your priorities, dreams & goals. Setting short & long-term goals is a wonderful process to decide what you want to achieve, to explore what is important, a distraction, or irrelevant. Goals, when achieved, build confidence, and they are a great motivation tool. Most goal setting books talk about the benefits of Read more about Goal setting[…]

Walking_Public Domain Pictures

Need 5k Racing Tips? Read This.

People often talk about wanting to race then they say, But I don’t have time. But I don’t have support. But I don’t like to run.  But, but, but …  The one thing they don’t realize is that their “but” is literally keeping them on their butt. Been there done that. Thousands of “buts” kept me on Read more about Need 5k Racing Tips? Read This.[…]

Cycle Fashion Function

Cycling Fashion, Function

Yes Ironman training builds endurance, AND it builds comfort in your skin, AND it builds a clear vision of goals.  What’s extra fun is combining those functions with fashion. This year I stumbled upon two companies that combined the two:  Rudy Project and JLVelo. Rudy Project has bold color helmets, shades and gear.  I wear Read more about Cycling Fashion, Function[…]

bike transportation

Bike Transport

Today I checked in my bike at Cycle Werks for transport to Cozumel.  They are a partner of TriBike Transport, the actual company that will transport my baby. TriBike Transport has relationships with bike shops all around the U.S., and many triathletes who race outside of their hometown use their service to transport their bike Read more about Bike Transport[…]

Measure success

Measure Success; Part 2

It’s been two months since posting Part 1 of Measure Success, tracking weight, inches, and training hours for Ironman Cozumel.  Here are the latest results for weeks 10 – 19. Total Training Hours: 130 Swim:   2,750+ laps (either 25 yards or 25 meters) Ride:         900+ miles (both road and spinning) Run:          175 miles (primarily Read more about Measure Success; Part 2[…]

Weekly Story Book

What’s Up With Swim Caps?

Question of the day. How can race organizers and athletes know the quality of the gear they purchase? Here’s what got me thinking. Before today I put minimal thought into swim caps and race-day swim caps.  I buy them as needed.  And thankfully, costing $2 – $12, they are not the most expensive piece in Read more about What’s Up With Swim Caps?[…]

Ironman Check List

Ironman training is past the halfway mark.  During the past two weeks I’ve been quiet with updates.  That’s because I felt tired, overwhelmed, and in pain.  Those feels tend to make me quiet, and I needed time to process things and question if I’m on the right track. Here’s what I mean.  Two roadblocks could Read more about Ironman Check List[…]

Emergency ID

Emergency Id

Another proactive healthy body moment … Had the Doc remove a weird looking  freckle from my belly.  At least that’s how I saw it.  He said it had a non-normal formality or something like that. Okay. Whatever. Once removed he said to stay out of the pool till he gave the two thumbs up, which I just got.  Read more about Emergency Id[…]

Stay Cool

Cool Down Ideas

It’s another scorcher in So. Cal., and thought I’d share some cool down ideas when training in the heat. Keep lotions and toners in the refrigerator to use on hot, tired feet. Fill your water bottle with ice or freeze a bottle with your favorite energy drink and grab it before you swim, bike, or Read more about Cool Down Ideas[…]


Be Adventurous

Moved into another training week with my nephew, Joel, asking if training included running trails.  Nope.  I’m pretty structured.  Stick with the plan and only run on the road. Then I thought, hey, let’s mix it up.  Be  adventurous.   Get out of the routine. See new sites. So Sunday I ran through Peter’s Canyon. Loved Read more about Be Adventurous[…]