It’s Okay To Submit. Moments in the gym.

Made a mad dash to the L.A. Fitness on Valley View for a lunchtime workout. Walked in and instantly didn’t care for the equipment.  Looked like it came from 1979.  Still, they played good music. The staff was friendly. So I pushed aside any negative thoughts, submitted to the atmosphere, and enjoyed a solid 60 Read more about It’s Okay To Submit. Moments in the gym.[…]

lap swimming

#1 Ironman Tip: Discipline.

It’s week two of Ironman training. Feeling disciplined, but I still have two challenges: Managing the workout schedule. Committing the mind to give 100% to each workout. With a few races finished, I know the drill and the importance of completing each workout.  Yet yesterday I almost skipped a swim.  My discipline was weak. The Read more about #1 Ironman Tip: Discipline.[…]

signal hill ca

Training on Signal Hill, CA

Years ago I use to commute from Signal Hill to L.A. for a job with KABC radio. To this day I can’t forget my first Friday night drive home. It took an exhausting 2+ hours.   For those who don’t know the drive, the running joke about the 405 freeway is that it take 4 or Read more about Training on Signal Hill, CA[…]

Los Angeles Map

Travel Tues – L.A. Fun Ride

Los Angeles has a plethora of fun activities. Just think, the ocean, mountains, desert, and vineyards are all within two hours of each other. Then again, there is also a plethora of congested traffic, lack of easy public transportation, and free time. Those challenges tend to keep people close to home squashing any adventurous spirit. Read more about Travel Tues – L.A. Fun Ride[…]

Desert bike ride in Vegas

Travel Tues – Cycle around Vegas

Ditch the conference and cycle around Vegas During a recent trip to Vegas, cyclist who climbed the red rock hills distracted me.  I was there for a conference, barely had time to do push-ups. Between signal lights I spoke to a few cyclist and discovered they were training for the Tour de Summerlin ride.  It Read more about Travel Tues – Cycle around Vegas[…]

grass fed cows

Lessons Learned From Eating Vegan

Recently a federal panel that helps set federal dietary guidelines said, Eating vegan is good for the planet.  That might be true.  But it’s also true that eating vegan 100% of the time is not good for me.  I tried that for Lent and was ecstatic when the season was done. Okay, yes there were Read more about Lessons Learned From Eating Vegan[…]

Satisfying the hunger

With confidence in locking in a 2015 Ironman race by the end of April, for lunch I swam 50 laps. Waiting at the office was my new favorite protein drink, WheyCoco. Enjoyed that mouthful of joy with a frozen banana. Then ate a full bowl of brown rice, quinoa, vegies and black beans. Thought that Read more about Satisfying the hunger[…]

Soul Mate Protein Shake

Literally every morning my sweet tooth craves donuts or muffins. They’re so easy to grab and eat and they taste sooooo good.  But I hate the results. So, I’m embracing #OperationNoMuffinTop, and starting the day with a healthy bite of protein. For inspiration I created “Soul Mate”, an almond butter & chocolate protein shake. This mouthful of joy is easy to Read more about Soul Mate Protein Shake[…]


Know what you’re buying

About half way through Lent and clearly frustrated with taking on a vegan diet during this time.  Yet so relieved the 5-day stomach virus is over.  Who knew a stomach could hold so much shit. On what may seem like an unrelated topic, yesterday I met with my financial planner who said, before you buy Read more about Know what you’re buying[…]