The Goggle Quest Continues

Goggle Update: Since July I’ve been looking for goggles that don’t fog up or leak, and after testing about 7 styles I finally found a pair that works great.  TYR Performance Mirrored Next Pro. I’m on a goggle quest to find the best goggle for me. Gayla, owner of Tri Zone in Los Alamitos, convinced Read more about The Goggle Quest Continues[…]

Running on Long Beach CA

Sunday Run

Sunday morning’s first  thought  … get that run in early before the heat, rain, and humidity hits. Out the door by 8am and instantly felt the touch of hot, sweet sweat, even while standing in the shade. Wish I kicked my butt out of bed at 5:30am. The beach called.  There it’d  be cooler than Read more about Sunday Run[…]


Ironman Nutrition

There are five disciplines to Ironman: swim, bike, run, transitions, and nutrition.  Of the five my biggest challenge is finding the right nutritional balance, for that makes or breaks the day. At the bottom of this post is a resource I use to help balance carbs, proteins, and fats.  But for now let me share Read more about Ironman Nutrition[…]

Tired of Ironman training

7 Week Itch of Tri Training

Got a 7 week itch of tri training. The take away:  Sometimes the best thing to do is sleep. As much as I talk about being positive, having a healthy mind, at times I need an attitude adjustment.  That’s happening now, and that’s because I’m tired.  So, after a good night’s sleep everything will be Read more about 7 Week Itch of Tri Training[…]


Week 6 recap; Ironman training

This week’s training take away: Be aware.  That’s exactly what I thought right after tripping during Sunday’s run. It happened about 30 minutes into the run, right when my groove felt right.  Going to the beach by way of Molino Ave, near PCH in Long Beach.  I thought, okay, let’s not run this route again.  Read more about Week 6 recap; Ironman training[…]

Bike chain

Week 5 Recap; Ironman Training

After a tough week 4, which ended with a kick ass ride lead by the Warrior, week 5 left me feeling strong and positive. The take away: find joy in the process. Also, here’s a protein rich snack that fed my sweet tooth. Mix a few scoops of cottage cheese with a handful of fresh Read more about Week 5 Recap; Ironman Training[…]

Long Beach, CA

Discovering Long Beach

Today’s training started with a 90 minute run, and it’ll end with a 75 minute swim. Wanted to share a few thoughts about the run. Like always, my mind dreaded it. Within five minutes my breath is labored, I am sweating like crazy, and all I feel is body weight and no rhythm. If you’re Read more about Discovering Long Beach[…]

Recap Week 4: IM Cozumel

So grateful for last week’s lite training, less than 8 hours.  That provided plenty of time to rest, sleep, cook, clean.  Basic life chores to help me feel good and healthy. Not sure about you, but if my environment is disheveled  I feel disheveled.  Now, the house is organized as am I, and ready to Read more about Recap Week 4: IM Cozumel[…]

Geelong 70.3

Week 3 Recap: IM Cozumel

Week 3 recap of Ironman Cozumel training. A hot mess – that’s how I’d describe the first half.  Nothing worked together as my negative mindset tried to dominate every move. Thankfully my heart took over, just in time. Sunday’s late day swim and run; sloppy.  Bad form, slow speed and sore body.    Plus my attitude Read more about Week 3 Recap: IM Cozumel[…]

San Clemente

San Juan Capistrano

Here’s the latest travel, ride and IM training connection:  San Juan Capistrano. I’ve ridden through SJC many times, both on the train and on my bike.  Love the history of the Mission and the swallows.  The rolling hills are beautiful and challenging.  The quiet streets can get loud after happy hour. Last Saturday I was Read more about San Juan Capistrano[…]