Be Adventurous

Moved into another training week with my nephew, Joel, asking if training included running trails.  Nope.  I’m pretty structured.  Stick with the plan and only run on the road. Then I thought, hey, let’s mix it up.  Be  adventurous.   Get out of the routine. See new sites. So Sunday I ran through Peter’s Canyon. Loved Read more about Be Adventurous[…]


Ironman Nutrition

There are five disciplines to Ironman: swim, bike, run, transitions, and nutrition.  Of the five my biggest challenge is finding the right nutritional balance, for that makes or breaks the day. At the bottom of this post is a resource I use to help balance carbs, proteins, and fats.  But for now let me share Read more about Ironman Nutrition[…]

grass fed cows

Lessons Learned From Eating Vegan

Recently a federal panel that helps set federal dietary guidelines said, Eating vegan is good for the planet.  That might be true.  But it’s also true that eating vegan 100% of the time is not good for me.  I tried that for Lent and was ecstatic when the season was done. Okay, yes there were Read more about Lessons Learned From Eating Vegan[…]

Satisfying the hunger

With confidence in locking in a 2015 Ironman race by the end of April, for lunch I swam 50 laps. Waiting at the office was my new favorite protein drink, WheyCoco. Enjoyed that mouthful of joy with a frozen banana. Then ate a full bowl of brown rice, quinoa, vegies and black beans. Thought that Read more about Satisfying the hunger[…]

Soul Mate Protein Shake

Literally every morning my sweet tooth craves donuts or muffins. They’re so easy to grab and eat and they taste sooooo good.  But I hate the results. So, I’m embracing #OperationNoMuffinTop, and starting the day with a healthy bite of protein. For inspiration I created “Soul Mate”, an almond butter & chocolate protein shake. This mouthful of joy is easy to Read more about Soul Mate Protein Shake[…]


Know what you’re buying

About half way through Lent and clearly frustrated with taking on a vegan diet during this time.  Yet so relieved the 5-day stomach virus is over.  Who knew a stomach could hold so much shit. On what may seem like an unrelated topic, yesterday I met with my financial planner who said, before you buy Read more about Know what you’re buying[…]

sauted bananas

Sauteed Bananas

Thank you May G. for suggesting that my vegan Lenten adventure should include sauteed bananas. They prove to be a healthy, good quick fix for my overbearing sweet tooth.  It is simple to make and perfect lunchtime dessert.  For those interested, here’s the recipe.  Enjoy. First, cut one banana in half (crosswise) or bite size Read more about Sauteed Bananas[…]

Vegan peppermint patties

Eat vegan: recap week 1

Thank God week 1 of Lent is done.  Taking this time to embrace a vegan lifestyle is challenging, and there’s lots to figure out.  Though it hasn’t been all that bad.  In fact there was one powerful discovery, i.e., my hunger is content after a meal. Why do people choose this lifestyle? I think boils Read more about Eat vegan: recap week 1[…]

Vegan; a taste of life

Not surprising, I jumped into eating like a vegan for Lent without really knowing what it meant to eat like a vegan.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.  Sometimes it’s not … like now. The good news is that less than a week in and I’m feeling good, however.  Last Saturday I had serious hunger pains after Read more about Vegan; a taste of life[…]

Vegan challenge

Five days into Lent and struggling with eating vegan. Wednesday through Saturday I did fine. In fact my hunger felt content and emotionally I felt powerful with the healthy choices. Yes mid-morning and mid-afternoon I wanted something satisfying and found it via celery boats (celery filled with almond butter, fruit and granola). One nice surprise Read more about Vegan challenge[…]