Happy New Year

Goal setting

The New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your priorities, dreams & goals. Setting short & long-term goals is a wonderful process to decide what you want to achieve, to explore what is important, a distraction, or irrelevant. Goals, when achieved, build confidence, and they are a great motivation tool. Most goal setting books talk about the benefits of Read more about Goal setting[…]

Rob Keller MD Glutathione

Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant

To understand why Glutathione is called the Master Antioxidant, especially for athletes, let’s first look at what happens to the body during a workout. The athlete generates free radicals, which react within the cells by a process called oxidation. Oxidation can create inflammation. If the inflammation accumulates, it decreases the function of the cell and eventually Read more about Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant[…]

Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love

Don’t buy a drunk a drink. That Irish quote always comes to mind when violence is plastered on the news.  To me the quote pleads for us to live with peace and not add to the world’s problems. So, after the police shootings in St. Paul, Baton Rouge, and Dallas the quote lit a fire in my Read more about Seeds of Love[…]

Walking_Public Domain Pictures

Need 5k Racing Tips? Read This.

People often talk about wanting to race then they say, But I don’t have time. But I don’t have support. But I don’t like to run.  But, but, but …  The one thing they don’t realize is that their “but” is literally keeping them on their butt. Been there done that. Thousands of “buts” kept me on Read more about Need 5k Racing Tips? Read This.[…]

Happy Toes

Review: Sport Shield

Ironman racing brings one major problem … blisters!!! I’ve trained with five different shoes, three different brands. Ran with Vaseline between the toes. Tried different socks, two socks, no socks. Read running books. Some say run on your toes. Some say don’t run on your toes. Still each race brings blisters and usually the loss of Read more about Review: Sport Shield[…]

Eye Spy

A Drifter

Eye spy with my little eye … a Drifter.  That’s what you call a swimmer who can’t swim a straight line. I’ve been a Drifter, usually during ocean swims.  If you’re a fellow Drifter and don’t know how to get back on track here’s a tip: spot an object like the shore, a building, or another swimmer. Read more about A Drifter[…]

Blind Faith

I have to brag about an Ironman friend, but first let me set the story. Imagine being blind and training for an Ironman 70.3 triathlon.  You will blindly swim 1.2 miles in the ocean without the ability to spot wakes, people, or seaweed… AND, you will be tied to someone else. Then you will sit on the back Read more about Blind Faith[…]

Review: Crotch Guard

Getting ready for another Ironman race. Training has not started, but that doesn’t stop me from testing products to make the journey smoother, more comfortable, less painful. Here’s one I’ll share, and hopefully the insight will help other cyclist and swimmers too. Yes, Crotch Guard first got my attention because of its naughty-sounding name. But funny Read more about Review: Crotch Guard[…]

Electrolyte diagram

Review: Electro-Bites

Six weeks after finishing Ironman Cozumel and I’m 85% recovered. Then again, recovery might be taking longer then normal because I ate massive amounts of chocolate and drank loads of wine during the holidays. Nothing better then balancing six months of Ironman training with six weeks of gluttony … right! 2016 begins with getting my Read more about Review: Electro-Bites[…]

Cycle Fashion Function

Cycling Fashion, Function

Yes Ironman training builds endurance, AND it builds comfort in your skin, AND it builds a clear vision of goals.  What’s extra fun is combining those functions with fashion. This year I stumbled upon two companies that combined the two:  Rudy Project and JLVelo. Rudy Project has bold color helmets, shades and gear.  I wear Read more about Cycling Fashion, Function[…]