Can somebody find my teeth?

Done with week 3 of training, and already encountered a few physical set-backs.
The week started with a strained right bicep tendon, making it impossible to swim freestyle and quite painful to ride longer than 30 miles. Not wanting to loose training time, my swim has consisted of kicking and the breast strokes. Thinking positive, this could be a good thing because I am the slowest kicker in the pool, hands down. Check this out … today I timed my kicking in a 25 meter pool. To kick one lap with a kick-board and no fins, took a full :45. Pathetic but true.

Now to the teeth headlines … Yesterday the plan was to ride 75 miles, so I took off at 7 a.m. with two other cyclist (Cliff and Diane). Around mile 25 Diane mentions that she didn’t mind paying city taxes because the roads were so well paved, and she was so happy with her bike mechanic; she just had the bike tuned and it was riding smoothly. A few minutes later, (not aware that her front brakes are tight) she hits them too hard, flips over her handle bars, and lands face first on the beautifully paved road. Her first two sentences says it all:
(1) Is my face completely ripped off?
(2) Can somebody find my teeth?

Pictures to follow … that’s if she gets the nerve to share them with me.
Let’s me also say that Diane is going to be fine. Tomorrow she’ll be at the dentist and later in the week she’ll visit a dermatologist. BTW … she has done the Ironman 7 times, and she has an amazing attitude. While in the emergency room she said it was bound to happen and it could have been so much worse. Then she asked the Dr … when can I get back on the bike. From now on let’s call her Iron Maiden.

Training tip of the day: Always, always always check your brakes after they’ve been tuned.

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